Cylindre de grande capacité sur les lames à neige MAMMUT.

Large capacity hydraulic cylinder.

End the unique life of a cylinder. Our cylinders are robust and easy to maintain. The seals are easy to change. The hydraulic fittings are swivel reduces the risk of hydraulic oil leakage.

Plaque d'acier Hardox TUFF

Superior Quality Materials.

We use specialized steels such as Hardox, Strenx and 4340 to manufacture most of the components of our snow removal equipment. Thanks to our expertise in snow removal, we have developed a product emphasizing ease of maintenance and robustness.

Le revêtement de nos équipements bénéficie d’une peinture cuite à la poudre assurant une durabilité exceptionnelle.

Unfailing durability

The coating of our equipment benefits from a powder-coated paint ensuring exceptional durability.

A scraper for snow plows, designed by snow plows...

Created by three co-founders who have been in the snow removal field for several years, the Mammut snow blade was born from a frustration of working with equipment that does not last and having to spend astronomical sums on maintenance of "scrapers". " paid a small fortune.

After too many bad experiences, it was time to take matters into our own hands.

Our story begins during the 2022-2023 winter season, when we analyzed all the gaps and needs for improvement of the products on the market, focusing on the quality and durability of each component and examining each aspect of manufacturing with the aim of creating a more reliable snow blade by being robust but at the same time light.

As an early adopter, throughout its creation we put our product through multiple rigorous testing, which allowed us to realize how we now have a product offering that significantly outperforms that already on the market. walk. Mammut snow blades are now available!

- Delivery fall 2024

Technical sheet


Our positioning in the market is defined by a commitment to quality and service. Our products are guaranteed for 2 years on the structure and against any manufacturing defects.

Our mission : Commitment to quality. Design and manufacture high quality snow removal equipment with better durability.

Our objective : Stand out from the competition and bring real added value to entrepreneurs in the snow removal field.

Our vision : To become a reference in high-end snow removal equipment in North America.

Our values : Quality, Responsibility, Creativity and Team.